Our MICE team of professionals works with you on planning your event. All details are covered from decoration, entertainment, gala events, and the outsourcing of multi-media technicians.  Our public relations team can support you with press management and marketing campaigns. 
Venue Selection:
Our long tenure in the travel industry allows us to help you find the best venue for your event with the best negotiated rates.  
We offer our clients various options and creative suggestions to produce an event with local Egyptian flavour.
Gala dinners are offered with various themes to respond to our clients’ requests according to their assigned budgets.  Options include Pharaonic, Islamic, Bedouin, and ultra modern. 
Our venues include but are not limited to:
  • The Giza Plateau
  • Temples in Luxor, Aswan or Abu Simbel
  • Private islands in the Nile
  • Various Palaces around Cairo 
  • The desert surrounded by stunning mountains 
  • Exclusive Archaeological Sites
Entertainment and recreational options are unlimited and include the following:
Oriental shows
Celebrity Performers
Philharmonic Orchestra
Belly Dancers 
Disco Nights 
Professional Egyptologists Lecturers

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